• Non-Discrimination: Provides advice and guidance in employment equity matters; investigates employee and third party discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints; manages compliance with CSU policies as well as federal and state nondiscrimination and affirmative action laws; monitors workforce composition and program effectiveness via the Affirmative Action Plan.
  • Sexual Harassment: Coordinates employee sexual harassment prevention and non-discrimination training; investigates employee and third party sexual harassment complaints.
  • Disability Accommodation: Manages employee workplace disability accommodation program.
  • Whistleblower: Manages campus compliance with the Whistleblower Protection Act; receives complaints.
  • Conflict of Interest: Manages reporting, notification and training for Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) filers; coordinates MPP Outside Employment Disclosure notification and reporting.
  • CANRA: Coordinates notification and training for Mandated Reporters under the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act.
  • Required and Important Notifications: Provides access to required labor law notices, and employment related policies and procedures.
  • Manages compliance with and reporting for related CSU policies and federal and state programs and regulations such as VETS-100 and IPEDS.
  • Workforce Statistics: Provides access to workforce utilization data.


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