CSU Fee Waiver Program

This educational assistance program allows eligible employees to enhance job skills or prepare for a graphic of a stack of three books future career by taking classes at any of the 23 CSU campuses, waiving the greater of two courses or 6 units per semester.  Courses must be job-related and/or part of an individual career development plan. Winter session and extended education courses are excluded.

The Fee Waiver Program is a negotiated benefit and is subject to change.



The following employees are eligible to participate subject to management approval: full-time or part-time permanent staff employees; full-time probationary employees; full-time managers; tenured, probationary, and temporary faculty with three-year appointments; coaches with six (6) consecutive years of service in the department.  One year of service is defined as one (1) semester or two (2) quarters in the bargaining unit on a single CSU campus during a single academic year.

Additional Fee waiver provisions may be found in the collective bargaining agreements as follows:

  • Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU) - Article 22
  • Unit 3 (Faculty) - Article 26
  • Unit 4 (Academic Professionals) - Article 16
  • Unit 6 (Skilled Trades) - Article 27
  • Unit 8 (Public Safety) - Article 20

Eligible faculty and staff employees may also transfer their fee waiver benefit entitlement to a spouse, registered domestic partner or dependent child. Eligibility is based upon provisions of the collective bargaining agreements.



Types of Staff Fee Waiver

There are three types of staff fee waiver.

Career Development – Employees must apply to Cal State University, Monterey Bay and be matriculated students working toward a degree.

Job Related – Employees may take courses specifically to improve their performance in their current job or to be ready for anticipated upcoming changes in their job duties. These employees are not matriculated students and are not working towards a degree.

Dependent – An eligible staff employee may transfer his/her fee waiver benefit to a dependent. Dependents include a spouse, a domestic partner, or a dependent child. The State Tuition Fees will be waived for up to six units. The dependent may attend CSUMB or any other CSU campus.

Dependent Eligibility

A dependent child is:

  1. Your child or stepchild under age 23 who has never been married;
  2. A child, under age 23 living with you in a parent-child relationship who is economically dependent upon you and has never been married;
  3. Your child or stepchild age 23 or above who is incapable of self-support due to a disability which existed prior to age 23.
  4. For CSUEU (Unit 2,5,7, & 9) ,SETC (Unit 6) and M98, MPP, M80, and C99 employees, the age limit for dependent children is under age 25 using the same definitions above.

The spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child must be matriculated toward a degree or attainment of a teaching credential in the CSU, and the course(s) taken through the fee waiver program must be for credit toward completion of that degree or teaching credential. Campus administration has the right to determine if space is available in the desired class before permitting a dependent fee waiver student to enroll.

The dependent fee waiver may be transferred to only one person at a time; i.e., an employee cannot use his/her fee waiver for one class or three units and waive one class or three units for a dependent.

If both parents are employees eligible to use fee waiver, each employee may transfer their benefits to their dependent. Therefore, it is possible for one child to receive both benefits and be eligible to enroll in up to four (4) courses or 12 units, whichever is greater, on a fee waiver basis.



Release Time for Class Attendance

“Release time” means that an employee has supervisory or managerial approval to attend a class during the employee’s normal work hours. An employee may be given release time to attend one course per semester, if the supervisor/manager determines that the operations of the department will not be adversely affected by the employee’s absence.  A change in work schedule may be approved for purposes of attending one course in lieu of release time.

University Police Officers may not use State time for classes.



Fees & Taxation

Under the Fee Waiver Program, only one set of fees is waived at the campus in which the employee or dependent enrolls.  This includes only one waiver/reimbursement of one Application Fee regardless of the number of applications.

The tuition fee is fully waived for up to 6 units or 2 courses, whichever is greater.  The full tuition fee is waived if an employee takes only two courses that exceed 6.0 units.  Employees enrolled in courses in excess of the maximum covered by fee waiver shall pay the difference in fees per applicable bargaining agreement.

Eligible employees and/or dependents enrolled in a Doctoral program are eligible for a partial fee waiver equivalent to the part-time Graduate Tuition Fee.  Employees (and their eligible dependent(s)) are responsible for paying the difference between the applicable Doctorate fee and the part-time Graduate Tuition fee. 

Employee Group Fees
CSUEU (2,5,7,9)
CFA (3)
APC (4)
SETC (6)
SUPA (8)
MPP and Confidential
Dependent Fee Waiver Fees

CSUEU (2,5,7,9)

APC (4)

CFA (3)
SETC (6)
SUPA (8)
MPP and Confidential

All graduate level tuition fees waived for an employee’s spouse or dependent child are considered taxable income. Undergraduate and graduate fees waived for an employee’s domestic partner is considered taxable income. The Payroll Department reports fee waiver-related imputed taxable income to the IRS.

Please view the IRS Tax Guidelines for more information.



Additional Details

  • Fees are waived for a maximum of two (2) classes, or 6 units, whichever is greater.
  • If the unit/course limitation is exceeded, the employee must pay the difference in fees
  • Career Development students must apply to and be accepted by the University. A fee waiver application does NOT guarantee admission to the University.
  • In order to continue in the Fee Waiver Program, employees or their dependents must maintain good standing academically, which means a “C” or a 2.0 average. Grades are audited each semester. Employees who go on probation or who become subject to disqualification will be dropped from the program.
  • Fees cannot be waived for courses taken through Extended Education or Open University.
  • Lab classes with a different catalog number than the lecture class that goes with it will be counted as a separate class.
  • Dependent Fee Waiver applicants must be enrolled in a matriculated program.
  • A new Fee Waiver Application must be submitted for each semester to continue participation in the program.


An eligible employee who is on an approved leave of absence may enroll for units in excess of those mentioned above in accordance with the following schedule:

                  Percentage                                            Maximum Semester
                    of Leave                                                 or Quarter Units

          One-fourth but less than one-half                               9
          One-half but less than three-fourths                         12
          Three-fourths but less than full                                 15
          Full                                                                       Not limited

For more information on the Fee Waiver Program please view the following technical letter: http://www.calstate.edu/HRAdm/pdf2011/TL-BEN2011-14.pdf



Getting Started

Eligible employees or their dependents must fill out an application form and submit it to Human Resources with the following information:

  • Non-Matriculated employees (not seeking a degree) must fill out a Non-Matriculated Application form.
  • Dependents must be matriculated and attach the latest copy of their unofficial transcript
  • Employees seeking a degree must fill out a Career Development Plan and attach a copy of their latest unofficial transcript. 
  • A Career Development Plan Update is required for each continuing semester that the employee participates in the fee waiver program.
  • If Fee Waiver is for attendance at another CSU campus, a copy of the applicant's unofficial transcript from that campus must accompany the Fee Waiver application.

One of the requirements for fee waiver eligibility is that the employee/dependent must be in good academic standing (i.e. GPA 2.0 or higher) to continue in the program.




The forms to apply for the fee waiver program are found below and also accessible on the forms page of the Human Resources website.

PLEASE NOTE: Continuing fee waiver students, you must renew your fee waiver status each semester. If you do not, Admissions will place a fee waiver hold on your account until you renew. To avoid this delay, please complete the Fee Waiver Application and any supporting documentation that applies and send it to Human Resources as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions regarding the fee waiver program, please call Human Resources at 831-582-3389.



Registration Deadlines for Spring 2015

Matriculated (Degree-Seeking) Students:
Matriculated students may start registering for classes on their assigned enrollment appointment time. Student’s enrollment appointment time can be found in the CMS Student/HR Student Center. Specific instructions and current information regarding registration can be found in the registration notification emailed to the student’s official CSUMB email address.

Please note: To avoid being disenrolled from your classes, registration tuition and fees, including course/lab fees, must be paid by January 6, 2015.  Starting January 7, 2015, payment is due prior to registering.

Last day to register without being assessed a $25 Late Registration Fee is January 16, 2015.

A $20 Late Administrative Fee (payment) will be assessed on any account with an outstanding balance of registration tuition and fees, including course/lab fees, after February 2, 2015.

Students are responsible for staying informed about registration and tuition/fee payment deadlines.

Non-matriculated (not seeking a degree) Students:
For employees who are taking job-related courses and are not seeking a degree, registration takes place the first day of classes, which is January 26, 2015.  Payment of registration fees, including course/lab fees, is due at the time of registration.

A $20 Administrative Late Fee (payment) will be assessed on any account with an outstanding balance of registration fees, including course/lab fees after February 2, 2015.

For important information regarding registration deadlines, forms, and policies and procedures related to your academic record, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website at: http://ar.csumb.edu/office-registrar

Employees who wish to take advantage of the Fee Waiver program are required to submit the appropriate fee waiver forms each semester. In addition, continuing students must provide a copy of unofficial transcripts to verify academic standing. Forms are available online at http://hr.csumb.edu/forms or at the Student Services Building. Fee Waiver requests may be dropped off in person or mailed directly to HR, Tide Hall. Approved fee waiver forms are required before payment/registration.

Please submit your forms early, at least 7 days before you plan to pay your fees/register. No fee waiver requests will be accepted for the Spring 2015 semester after January 23, 2015. Late registration and late payment fees are not waived.