It is your responsibility as a government employee to report any type of fraud, waste, or abuse, which ultimately protects scarce state resources. The California State Auditor’s office is your confidential avenue for reporting improper activities by state agencies or employees.


  • Pursuant to Government Code section 8547.2, subdivision (b), improper acts by a state agency or employee that should be reported to the State Auditor include:
  • Violations of state or federal law, including theft, fraud, or conflict of interest;
  • Noncompliance with an executive order or Rule of Court; Noncompliance with the State Administrative Manual or the State Contracting Manual;
  • Misuse or waste of state resources including property or employee time;
  • Gross misconduct, incompetence, or inefficiency.

Whistleblowers who work for the government and report agency misconduct are protected.  Read more below:

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