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The 2011 Team Representatives

They look friendly but when they put on their game faces, watch out!

The Workplace Walk-off Challenge is an annual one-month 'get moving' competition co-sponsored by the University Corporation for faculty and staff (sorry - no student assistants). Teams of five are formed and with a pedometer, each team member tracks and logs their steps in a 24-hour period for each week of the competition. Should you wish to spice up your workout, step equivalents are offered for doing other select exercise activities. The team with the most steps is deemed the 'Workplace Walk-off Challenge Champions' and wins the Golden Shoe Trophy, to be displayed in the workplace until the next year's challenge begins.

Participants who achieve at least 10,000 daily steps for the 5 days during Week Four will become members of the 10,000 Steps Club. They will receive special recognition for their tremendous achievements during the awards ceremony.

Weight loss, lower blood-pressure, self-confidence, and team building have been just a few of the outcomes the challenge has brought forth. Form a team with your colleagues and answer this question - Are you up to the challenge?


  • To promote a healthy lifestyle by getting active and relieving stress, encompassed in an atmosphere of friendly competition.
  • To challenge participants to create a healthy exercise habit, going above and beyond their existing walking goals each week.
  • To motivate and encourage team members to reach 10,000 daily steps by incorporating more walking into the work day.

What you need to participate

  • A team of 5 people made up of CSUMB Staff & Faculty with one person named the team captain** (Sorry - no students or student assistants)
  • Team name
  • One pedometer per person
  • A signed Waiver of Liability form to be emailed to the team captain upon registration
  • A fun, can-do attitude willing to be in a team photo or two!

** Team Captain Responsibilities:

  • Be available for a team captain's meeting to go over rules and logistical information;
  • Be responsible to collect their individual team member's weekly steps log every Monday following the initial week and turn them in to HR by 5pm that day; and
  • Submit at least one fun team photo for the closing ceremonies (additional photos of your team in action are welcomed).

Team motivation is highly encouraged (e.g. team t-shirts, team hikes, etc.)and helps make the challenge fun.

Duration & Registration

The challenge lasts one month, long enough to help participants create a healthy exercise habit.  

Are you up to the Challenge?